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photoblog image Viktionary: Catcher of the Light

Viktionary: Catcher of the Light


...if you are the light, I'm a catcher of the light...

Viktionary: Catcher of the Light


...if you are the light, I'm a catcher of the light...

comments (39)

  • SAVO
  • United Kingdom
  • 12 Feb 2010, 00:05
Its a fine job you captured here.
vz-nostalgia: It's the Light I captured here, SAVO. The Job is to take care of it and not let it disappear. smile
  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 12 Feb 2010, 00:51
vz-nostalgia: smile got smacked by the gobs, Ray? smile
Soft yet mysterious. Nicely done.
vz-nostalgia: That's how I prefer my steak, Ms. Dawn: soft yet misterious and nicely done. smile
  • Suzanne
  • Canada
  • 12 Feb 2010, 02:24
An instantaneous feeling of a light warm breeze on my heart, Viktor. Light as a feather. smile
vz-nostalgia: Apparently, your heart has had some chilling moments as of late, Ms. Suzanne, if you find a warm breeze pleasant. smile
The light beckons, but we exist without...and we are happy without.
vz-nostalgia: We all could be divided in two camps, Dave. Those, who always flock toward the light, and those, who prefer to stay in shade. smile
  • Rod Hinchco
  • New Zealand (Aotearoa)
  • 12 Feb 2010, 03:31
Wow..superb. Ghostly but beautiful...the things poems were written about
vz-nostalgia: smile ...are written and will be written, Rod. smile
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 12 Feb 2010, 05:42
Sometimes I wish we had a word similar to gobsmacked over here.

If you have light, I'm the catcher of your light. Could read less threatening than your version, but then maybe 'scaring' was the intention with this picture.
vz-nostalgia: I see you are about semantics today, Louis. smile
  • Chris
  • England
  • 12 Feb 2010, 06:28
Very well expressed Vik - nice intriguing picture too
vz-nostalgia: A bit of intrigue in a picture is like a bit of spice in a dish, Chris. It brings some interest into our life. smile
A great catch!
vz-nostalgia: The line is ultra-thin, Nig, and the rod is fragile. I'll try my best to keep the catch. smile
  • zed
  • Australia
  • 12 Feb 2010, 07:44
Your words and image tie in ever so well
vz-nostalgia: I fuse them with my love for both, zed. smile
Superb dreamy image Vik, I like the style of window too. This is like a view from a sickbed, longing to be better and able to go outside.
vz-nostalgia: That is what the light does, Chad. It makes you long for it, when it's not around for long (no pun intended smile).
this is great on the lighting front
vz-nostalgia: I see you are in a militaristic mood today, Ms. Chantal. smile
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 12 Feb 2010, 09:30
vz-nostalgia: Oh, Ms. Philine... One day I'm poetic. The other day I'm aesthetic. The third day I'm in-your-face. I'm different, and have no intention to compete with Kathryn. smile
I had no idea Oleg Popov lives in Germany now. The Russian school of clowning is so different, it's more on the intellectual side than a traditional butt-kicking clowning. I'd say one might feel traces of good Russian literature (Chekhov, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky...) in the best examples of the Russian clowns' sketches. Like, say, in this one of Vyacheslav Polunin:
  • blackdog
  • United Kingdom
  • 12 Feb 2010, 10:15
The dense shadow becomes ectoplasm under the light of the sun.
vz-nostalgia: Had to dive into the depth of the dictionary to put "ectoplasm" into the context of your thought, Mike. smile I knew it's not about biology. smile
  • zhen
  • Australia
  • 12 Feb 2010, 13:10
i like this-so pretty-only on my screen it looks a bit over Photoshopped particularly the bottom of the drape.
vz-nostalgia: Oh, Ms. Zhen. I'm afraid you have to part not only with your mis-focused camera, but with your screen as well. smile I didn't have to do much photoshopping here, just usual adjustment in contrast, a monochrome conversion, and a crop. The bottom of teh drape precisely was the reason why I took the shot. smile
Like waking from a dream and seeing the warm hazy light
vz-nostalgia: it a smile and going back into the dream, but this time with the light on sleepy lips. smile
  • kiem
  • United States
  • 12 Feb 2010, 14:53
two really great photos this week viktor. both are probably my favorite to date.
vz-nostalgia: your date is a very short one, Kiem. smile Dive deep into the Nostalgia archive, then let me know about your favorite. smile
wonderful shot Victor.
vz-nostalgia: maybe, Tim. I'm not going to argue with you about that. smile
wow, a really stunning shot!
vz-nostalgia: Are you saying I'm losing the game of fighting praises on Nostalgia, Charles? smile
Great shot Viktor. I like your Viktionary smile
vz-nostalgia: If you like my Viktionary, you might like my Zyrynology as well, Francesc. smile
Great shot!
vz-nostalgia: Just damn. I hoped you'd say "the greatest", Santiago. smile
I looked at this this morning and couldn't think of anything to say. I wasn't sure if i liked it. Don't know why so i thought I'd have another look. I'm still not sure. There is something missing but i don't know what it is. Oh well at least it got me thinking!
vz-nostalgia: Well, let me know, when you find that "something" that is missing here, Bill. smile I'm afraid you'll never find it, because, one finds it not by eyes, but by one's heart. smile
Well spotted, Viktor - lovely delicate shades here.
vz-nostalgia: I'm the best spotter in the house, Tom. smile Wherever I go, I always leave a spot or two behind. smile
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 13 Feb 2010, 17:04
Oh, thank you for this clownesque sketch by Polunin- a genious idea- a minimalistic performance- and so moving and significant! I love this kind of silent, philosophical, and human clowning- one look, one gesture can often say more than thousands words
The Russian State- Circus has its winter quarters near my home town, Oleg Popov, married to a German wife (after the death of his first wife), is rather agile in spite of his nearly eighty years! When at the end of his performance he is spreading the sunrays he caught in his baggage out over the audience, you may be rather weeping than laughing! His assistent, the little Charlie Chaplin Gagik Avetisyan, is also a loveable Clown!
vz-nostalgia: Your mentioning of Oleg Popov in your first comment, Ms. Philine, brought a whole layer of nostalgia to my heart. We all grew up on these clowns' funny but clever stories. In their humorous sketches they often raised some very serious questions, for which other people could end up in jail, no doubt. Such were the times.
  • k.a.
  • s.a.
  • 13 Feb 2010, 17:51
...if you are the catcher of my light...
I just hope you don't light me off...

really nice picture, mrVZ..I see you are missing sunrays...and sunlight...
vz-nostalgia: :
KA: don't light me off...
VZ: I'm afraid I don't know what you mean by that, Ms. KA.
KA: I see you are missing sunrays...and sunlight...
VZ: Would you be willing to share yours, if you have plenty wherever you are, Ms. KA. smile
off topic: i dont understand why people dont claim the pun

light has to be so we can see things...but what do we need to see the light?
vz-nostalgia: :
Dorina: i dont understand why people dont claim the pun
VZ: You will, when you grow up. Ms. Dori. smile
Dorina: light has to be so we can see things...
VZ: Cats see perfectly fine in the dark, Ms. Dorina. smile
Dorina: what do we need to see the light?
VZ: I'm afraid one has to be born with one to see the one, Ms. Dori. smile
vz-nostalgia: :
...I will let the breeze
that plays with curtains
that caresses my hair
to roam free
I“m not the catcher of the breeze.
I have no intentions
of gathering the dust
into a little wooden box
I“d rather let the galaxies
to flow
and send their light
to all the catchers of the light...
VZ: :
Dorina: i dont understand why people dont claim the pun
VZ: You will, when you grow up. Ms. Dori.
Dorina: hahaha smile okay, why are the old people...i mean grown-up people not claiming a pun? whats so bad about the company of a pun?

Dorina: light has to be so we can see things...
VZ: Cats see perfectly fine in the dark, Ms. Dorina.
Dorina: yes, cats do; however cats dont take photos; maybe they should.

Dorina: what do we need to see the light?
VZ: I'm afraid one has to be born with one to see the one, Ms. Dori.
Dorina: oh, i never thought you would be the kind of person who is afraid smile
vz-nostalgia: :
Dorina: why are the old people... not claiming a pun?
VZ: 1. old people are people too. 2. they do, when they feel like it. smile

Dorina: cats dont take photos...
VZ: I bet they do. They take mental pictures. smile

Dorina: I never thought you would be the kind of person who is afraid
VZ: Fear is a natural emotional response to a threat, Ms. Dori. It's a part of our overall survival mechanism. Without it human beings would be extinct as a species long ago. smile
  • Mal
  • Dallas
  • 18 Feb 2010, 00:35
I'm not a man of words Z, this is just a bloody good photo, the viewer will read what they will, I wish it were mine. mal
vz-nostalgia: You may be not a man of words, Mal, but you take bloody good pictures, old man. smile
Now tell me, what in the world are you doing in Texas? That's pretty far away from Scottland smile
  • Eliza
  • Tanzania
  • 18 Feb 2010, 16:32
vz-nostalgia: Oh, I wouldn't risk to describe melancholy as happiness, even tinged with anything. smile But I did notice that some people find pleasure in melancholy. smile Someone said that "melancholy is the pleasure of being sad". smile I kind of agree with that.
You are welcome to look beyond the curtain, Ms. Eliza, as long it's not my shower curtain. smile
i like the lighting effect...
vz-nostalgia: me too, Syefry. smile
  • Mia
  • United States
  • 22 Feb 2010, 17:49
I think this has to be my favorite sentence of the day, I love the play of light, almost teasing the darkness surrounding it.
vz-nostalgia: I've never heard of "a sentence of the day", Ms. Mia. Does this mean that tomorrow you will forget all about it? smile
wonderful. Bravo Vic
vz-nostalgia: Pssst... You will disturb the curtain, Ms. Stefania. smile
this is absolutely wonderful - outstanding shot!
vz-nostalgia: my pleasure, Harry.
Fine b/w in your photoblog, congrats! Really I love it.
vz-nostalgia: Your pockets are full of compliments, Ms. Ada. smile
This is stunning. So mysterious yet simple.
vz-nostalgia: what would be our life without a hint of mystery, Ms. Claire. smile
Only if something worth
vz-nostalgia: smile I like it, when people are stingy on praise, Ms Ada. smile
  • redmama
  • GA
  • 29 Apr 2011, 22:26
chiaroscuro. . .love the play with light and dark contrasts.
You are more than a bit of a renaissance man, no?
vz-nostalgia: I'm afraid for the real chiaroscuro I have to refer you to my "Zyryality: In The Waters Of Life And Death" series, Ms. Redmama:

Redmama: You are more than a bit of a renaissance man, no?
VZ: Some might say I am more than "a bit". smile (But not much more smile)
Hi! I checked your photos and I like many of them, but this one is my favorite.
I don't post so much in shutter chance but if you have time and want to see some other photos of mine, here is Flickr:
vz-nostalgia: Wonder what appeals to you here that you picked this one out of hundreds of others. smile
I enjoyed flipping through your photographs on Flickr, especially b&w ones. I don't like Flickr itself, though. But it's personal. smile
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