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photoblog image Nostalgia Shunga: Light Touch

Nostalgia Shunga: Light Touch


At times a light touch is more electrifying than a hug.

Nostalgia Shunga: Light Touch


At times a light touch is more electrifying than a hug.

comments (20)

  • zed
  • Australia
  • 18 Mar 2011, 07:02
Sweet comes to mind, a gentle touch is all people require sometimes. Emapathy is such a powerful tool and touch is a perfect method to convey it.

I am a nurse after all
vz-nostalgia: a nurse? Oh my, zed. No wonder you know so much about the importance of a gentle touch. smile
Sometimes you need a hug, sometimes a gentle touch,
sometimes you just need someone there.
vz-nostalgia: :
Sometimes you need a hug,
sometimes a gentle touch,
more often though, alas,
I needs a kick in my fat ass. smile
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 18 Mar 2011, 09:13
A lot of double speak in that title. To shunga or to ukiyo-e.

This year's spring flowers and last year's seed pods.
vz-nostalgia: :
Louis: To shunga or to ukiyo-e.
VZ: Well, one might say that Nostalgia is a "floating world". smile

Louis: This year's spring flowers and last year's seed pods.
VZ: The stages of life, Louis. smile For some there are seven of them, for most there are four, for these are just two. smile
  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 18 Mar 2011, 12:52
This is true!
vz-nostalgia: Does that mean we finally agreed on something, Ray? smile
  • erika morgan
  • United States
  • 18 Mar 2011, 13:17
so true!
vz-nostalgia: I always say truth, Ms. Erika, I see no reason for deception. smile
  • k.a.
  • United States
  • 18 Mar 2011, 17:52
nice pic and thought...but i would say..

always a soul touch is more electrifying than a light touch...because it can lightening you from within to the outside..

a gift of a poem for this nostalgic pic

"touch my soul with your light
touch my senses with your eyes
then I'll never lose that touch
and you'll always hug my mind"
vz-nostalgia: the touch of a soul and the touch of the fingertips are not mutually exclusive, Ms. KA. Quite opposite, they are two halves of one whole, enriching each other, propelling both, your body and your mind into one heavenly bliss. smile
A light touch is fine--here it makes for a strong photograph.
vz-nostalgia: Not always it happens that a light touch makes for a strong photograph, Larry. smile Most of the time they are felt, not seen. smile
Love this...
vz-nostalgia: Love this... what? Why did you stop, Ms. Ada? smile
Lovely tone!
vz-nostalgia: I guess it makes me a good toner, LC. smile
  • iris
  • hamburg
  • 19 Mar 2011, 07:18
his light touch
a feathers dance on an electric wire
her senses aflamed
vz-nostalgia: …her senses are aflame
her breath is like a sweet wine
her shoulders are the wings of a lost angel
she flies away and leaves him with
the mysterious aroma of her elixir…
  • eva
  • United Kingdom
  • 20 Mar 2011, 21:51
Shunga: tonight then? not tonight I have another headache
vz-nostalgia: No husband believes in headaches anymore, Ms. Eva. I thought you are more inventive than this. smile
Love the treatment, here, vz!
vz-nostalgia: I would expect to hear about the lovely treatment from a woman, Tom. smile
  • rem_la
  • France
  • 22 Mar 2011, 05:37
une bien belle texture !
vz-nostalgia: It well could be, rem la, I trust you. smile
Aaah!! The gentle touch can have more meaning then any words or hugs.
The touch in a crowded room you know each other is there, even the touch when you a busy cooking the dinner!! with a glance and a little giggle smile
vz-nostalgia: How about a touch of his foot under the table, Ms. Linda? Electrifying enough? smile
...and then you get none.

(Change of my IP is due to the proxy software I'm using. Your page is also blocked for me.)
vz-nostalgia: Well, there are times, when we get neither, Ms. Shirin. Not a cause for panic, I'd say. smile
So, Nostalgia is blocked in Iran. Gee... No wonder I haven't heard from you in ages.
what I meant was "neither"
vz-nostalgia: that's what I thought you meant to say.
  • ,mscherrylane
  • Australia
  • 22 Apr 2011, 17:07 you're so inspired lately...from where are you deriving? if I hadto guess it's like you're falling in love all over again(!) cheers mate smile
vz-nostalgia: Lately? I'm always inspired, Ms Cherry. smile
This is art...
Tres biensmile
vz-nostalgia: And what isn't on Nostalgia, Ms. Lola? smile
I am in awe, that's allsmile
vz-nostalgia: Let me know, when you're out, so we can talk. smile
Out of where?
vz-nostalgia: smile your awe, of course, where else. smile
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