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photoblog image Nu Aesthetics: Life Beyond Repair

Nu Aesthetics: Life Beyond Repair

...when things are falling through the cracks.

Nu Aesthetics: Life Beyond Repair

...when things are falling through the cracks.

comments (19)

great b&w, great texture!
vz-nostalgia: Oh, Charles. Did you forget the First Law of Nostalgia, which reads: "If you have nothing to say but a praise, you have the right to remain silent". smile
... yet unrepaired life goes on ...
vz-nostalgia: It does, Larry. I does. Until it all turns into dust. smile
  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 2 Feb 2010, 01:04
Even when dead, the trees are nailed down to prevent them from staging some kind of vegetable rebellion...
vz-nostalgia: A dictatorship of humans, Ray. smile I guess it's is the only way the trees can set themselves free: to get rotten to the core and whisper: "Free at last", falling down to the ground. smile
Still holding on it looks to me but definitely on it's way to a slow and gradual transformation into micro environments for all kinds of insect and plant species. Life redeemed. smile
vz-nostalgia: Life redeemed is not life wasted? smile
Who would you like to be in your next life, Ms. Suzanne? smile
WOW...beautiful capture!
vz-nostalgia: welcome back to Nostalgia, Ms. Zen. It's been a while. smile
  • xavi
  • Spain
  • 2 Feb 2010, 07:33
great texture
vz-nostalgia: I suppose you are right, Xavi. smile I got to think about that. smile
Excellent image of decay.
vz-nostalgia: You forgot to add "...but not as good as Baudelaire's", Chad. smile
  • Chris
  • England
  • 2 Feb 2010, 08:35
A lovely evocation of bleak heartbreaking melancholy Vik. It must make you very happy
vz-nostalgia: I wouldn't say it makes me happy, but I did take pleasure working on it, Chris. smile
I would have choosen a brownish sepia tone
vz-nostalgia: I have no doubt you would, Ms. Chantal. Still, I wonder why you think it's important for me to know that. smile
Thanks for reminding me, Victor - I need to sand down the hallway floor this winter and refinish it. smile
vz-nostalgia: Careful now, Alan. When you finish sanding, you may discover that your hallway has no floor. smile
An excellent image, Charles - the object trapped in the crack is very ambiguous, is it a leaf, a long-lost handkerchief? That very ambiguity lends interest to the shot.
vz-nostalgia: I might call my mom this weekend and ask her why she didn't call me Charles.
"After all", I'd say, "you were a big fan of Charles Dickens".
I think I know what she would say.
"For every charles dickens in this world, there are two charles mansons, my dear". smile
well after 13 days on a life support machine fighting the big C and pneumonia sadly the family of an old drinking pal had to admit he couldn't be repaired and switched it off last Thursday,so like the leaf falling through the crack his life slipped away i just hope he is sat up there having a few well earned free drinks, god bless you Leesmile good one Victorsmile
vz-nostalgia: So sorry to hear about the final departure of your pal, Tim. There is a point in our life, when no machine can support what's left from us, after we ground ourselves to the ground (no pun intended).
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 3 Feb 2010, 06:17
Falling through the cracks provides access to new opportunities and worlds. Which brings me to a particular view point held by very few - there is no such thing as decay, bad luck, etc - they are just ringing in new opportunities.
Something like the guy working the same day job over and over everyday. Then one day get canned. To the one it is an opportunity to start looking around and plan a new way forward. To another it is the time to sit in ashes and blame bad luck.

With reference to your picture, when the tree became a plank, life was ended. The rotting plank does not symbolise life beyond repair, because it is long dead. It does symbolise new growth opportunities, like when some happy fungus spore may land on it smile

Thank for the chat.
vz-nostalgia: It was a happy time for the tree. The sun caressed its leaves every day. The wind played with its branches. The rain showered its crown and nourished its roots...
One day two guys stopped by near the tree and started a chat about how good and healthy the tree was. The tree listened with interest and pride. Then, one of them turned on a chainsaw and a sharp pain pierced through teh whole body of the tree. "What the f@ck are you doing?!" silently screamed the tree. "Ah, these guys came to give me a new opportunity", realized teh tree, falling to the ground, "It's not a bad luck. I will start a new life as a brand new fence!"
Time came and the new planks were drilled, screwed and nailed, but the tree felt no pain, it became wood.
Time passed. Sun, wind and rain still played, caressed and showered it, but the tree felt no pleasure from it. Just opposite, its body lost its honey color, its smooth skin became rough, teh nails that held teh planks together became rusty. The tree started rotting. "What the f@ck?!" thought the tree, "Ah, it must be a new growth opportunity knocks on my door".
"Come in. Make yourself at home", said the tree to the big hungry family of Mr. Fungus.
The End. smile
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 3 Feb 2010, 10:22
A great story. Attributing cognitive processes to a tree - worthy of a modern nature documentary - you know where they award all kinds of emotions to living beings other than human beings. Should be worth something to them as a story line - a new opportunity to become rich and famous for VZ grin

An excellent satire though smile that is of the Horatian type. Unfortunately, there is no market for satires. The hidden opportunity of being a good satirist, is that you could become a journalist smile

PS. story appreciated at face value too smile
vz-nostalgia: Let's sign a deal, Louis. You find me a publisher and provide me with topics, I share 50% of a fee/royalties with you. smile
PS. I replied to you at 4:00 am. No wonder I made tons of spelling mistakes. smile
Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you..

Just some lyrics that came into my mind when I saw this smile
vz-nostalgia: There is no better reward for me, Ms. Delia, than to hear poetry that was inspired by Nostalgia. smile
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 3 Feb 2010, 20:38
This could be a close-up of Chris' rotten bench- but your pic shows a feel of melancholy and sympathy with this very aged wood, its wounds (by nails) and its cracks, holding out in wind and weather; I like the autumnal leaf turning towards this old wood- an image of decline, ending, and perseverance or (better) endurance. I like the row of diagonal and parallel lines which may emphasize the textures of the wood we could still call "beautiful".
vz-nostalgia: Aged wood is a fascinating subject for photography, Philine. I don't think I will ever tire shooting it. A good photograph of an aged and rotten wood not only gives us an aesthetic pleasure of looking at all its intricacies, but emits a sense of melancholy and nostalgia, as you rightly noted above.
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 3 Feb 2010, 20:45
I have just read your wonderful story telling-conversation with Louis! You have given back some life to the tree and I have a feeling for him!
vz-nostalgia: Louis and I signed a contract. smile
  • k.a.
  • s.a.
  • 7 Feb 2010, 16:04
hmm it looks more like the scratches of some brown bear marking his place...
hmm are you marking yours? wink
vz-nostalgia: Could be Nostalgia markings on your soul, Ms. KA. smile
  • terry
  • Nepal
  • 17 Feb 2010, 07:40
savored the story and the photograph like the belgian chocolate and brahem, Vik. one can never get enough.
vz-nostalgia: the secret of "not enough" is in moderation, Terry. smile
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