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photoblog image My Peachtree Street: Wrong Path

My Peachtree Street: Wrong Path weaves, it turns, it takes forever

the path to you is never straight...

My Peachtree Street: Wrong Path weaves, it turns, it takes forever

the path to you is never straight...

comments (18)

  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 7 Aug 2009, 03:01
I concur...emphatically!

vz-nostalgia: You do? We got to celebrate this moment, Ray, as it won't last long. smile
  • Dotun
  • USA
  • 7 Aug 2009, 05:15
love the symmetry!
vz-nostalgia: Really? Usually, photographers can't stand symmetry, Dotun. smile
True. Like the picture, very much the sort of thing to be printed large and on the wall in a public building
vz-nostalgia: All's left is to find the building with an empty wall, Bill. smile
  • patrick
  • United States
  • 7 Aug 2009, 14:32
vz-nostalgia: :
...parallel broken path
for which there is no cure
left or right
doesn't matter, each way is wrong
sinking in nature
of a man-made surroundings
into the dark life
of a corporate world...
I love this angle, well composed.
vz-nostalgia: I knew it. smile If I to pick for someone who likes the angles, that would be you, Gabor. smile
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 8 Aug 2009, 14:42
You will need a strong left leg and foot to walk this path smile
vz-nostalgia: I didn't say it would be easy, Louis. smile
  • Marie
  • Norway
  • 9 Aug 2009, 08:15
vz-nostalgia: oh my. How could I miss the google translator! I'll use it next time for sure.
Do you really have 30 degrees in Norway during summer? That's not much different from Atlanta. smile
  • Martin
  • United States
  • 10 Aug 2009, 01:52
Looks deceptively straight and quite ominous to my untrained eye.
vz-nostalgia: smile Martin, there is nothing deceptive here. It IS damn straight. smile
Now to your "untrained" eye. Are you seeking a compliment? smile If anyone who can shoot angles and straight lines here... smile
  • Chris
  • England
  • 10 Aug 2009, 05:56
Perceptions are everything Vik
vz-nostalgia: This statement might require some clarification, Chris. smile
Victor doing an angled shotsmile well its something frowned on by the so called purist's but for me its simply a great image with shadows/light/atmosphere a real joy to look atsmile

Gabor just had to like it didn't he lol.
vz-nostalgia: Nostalgia stepped on a slippery slope. smile Something that is unheard of, isn't it, Tim? smile
  • K.A.
  • S.A.
  • 11 Aug 2009, 08:11
well, mr VZ...i don't like symmetry, but i like your picture and your caption...

'it weaves,
it turns,
it takes forever...
the path to me
is never wrong...
just takes some time
and understanding
the path to us
no straight just right'

(when i was a child, maybe on my 9's, i used to step stones like day i fell down on my wrist and had really painful and hard days, silent ones as i was not allowed to cry because my mom had told me not to now you know why i don't like symmetric paths...too tempting...sometimes) wink
vz-nostalgia: well, to be precise, there is no real symmetry in the picture, Ms. K.A. So, you're fine. smile
There are so many paths that open up in front of us, Ms. K.A. We have to make these choices every day, and often it takes a miracle to chose the right one. One has to listen to one's inner voice very carefully in order to step on the right path, even though it weaves, it turns and even might take us forever to get where we want... smile
  • Aurore
  • France
  • 12 Aug 2009, 11:48
I really like this angle, graphic and dynamic... great !!
vz-nostalgia: Angled, graphic and dynamic... You just described our Peachtree Street, Ms. Aurore. smile
  • Suzanne
  • Canada
  • 12 Aug 2009, 23:17
Sometimes a meandering route is the path of least resistance...given the slippery slope of this one, I can see why it would take forever to get to where you want to go. Makes me dizzy just imagining it. smile
vz-nostalgia: :
Suzanne: Sometimes a meandering route is the path of least resistance...
VZ: Oh really... how come I've never heard of this? People usually take a shortcut whenever possible, don't they? smile
  • Suzanne
  • Canada
  • 15 Aug 2009, 00:52
Having to take shortcuts implies a rushed state of mind. A meandering path
necessitates taking one's time, and being open to discoveries. Nothing much is
deeply absorbed in a speedy mind. A quiet and open one lets much more
less resistance to feeling the experience.

Now I will contradict what I just said. Sometimes a quick response (shortcut)
can be the path of least resistance. Jumping in, head or heart first, can be the
easiest and correct way to manifest an impulse, or intuition, that demands
attention. There are no fixed rules in the game of life. Sometimes, getting from
point A to point B quickly means the difference between life and death, love and
loss, or just making it to a meeting on time.

Yin/yang, sun/moon, venus/mars, your foot on the pedal, all in right
balance..sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes in all depends
where you are going, why you are going there, and what your goal is.
vz-nostalgia: Even though I had a particular path in mind, I'd like to thank you for lifting up my simple thought to a much broader and philosophical level, Ms. Suzanne. That was very kind of you.
vz-nostalgia: "the same path in another dimension" What an interesting idea, Ms. Shirin.
These show trials in Iran remind me of Stalin's trials in the Soviet Union back in 1930s-40s. Millions of people had vanished in gulags back then.
P.S. Persian > English section of Google translator doesn't work so good!
vz-nostalgia: LOL I think any section of Google translator doesn't work so good. smile
Fantastic shot. I've been staring at it for 5 minutes now smile
vz-nostalgia: It's time to take a break, Dave. LOL
I love the angle!
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