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photoblog image The Piedmont Park Stories: Old Couple

The Piedmont Park Stories: Old Couple

When all is said and done.

The Piedmont Park Stories: Old Couple

When all is said and done.

comments (25)

  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 15 May 2009, 04:40
The Old Man [VZ?] works at greasing his feathers in readiness for a pond cruise with his current favourite gal.

They'll probably stop by a favoured restaurant, quack a bit about nostalgic events, maybe do a lazy wing-flap...

Ah the good old as it was, a few seasons pat...
vz-nostalgia: hahaha. Let's start with "The Old Man (VZ?) would love to grease his feathers, but none's left..." smile
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 15 May 2009, 07:35
The Muscovy ducks saw they are drifting to the picture's edge and turn their heads away to avoid heads-on collisions.

Duck, you duck! Ken sees vultures, it must be because of the old couple tag.
vz-nostalgia: You got it right, Louis. But then, who knows more about birds but you. smile I'm still puzzled why they call them Muscovy ducks, as I've never seen them neither in Moscow nor in any other part of Russia (and I travelled quite a bit). Maybe because of the red face and caruncles? smile
  • Eliza
  • Tanzania
  • 15 May 2009, 08:17
shame that she's 'ducking' her head, as i am sure she is far more beautiful than him smile
vz-nostalgia: Of course, she is, Ms. Eliza. smile Still, do you remember how many gorgeous women were hanging out with Henri de Toulouse Lautrec? smile
  • blackdog
  • United Kingdom
  • 15 May 2009, 09:06
... sat on a park bench like bookends. But then that would have been old friends I guess.

Nicely balanced colour composition with the red offset and contrasting with the pea green of the water.

I like the sweep of the branch too, elegant.
vz-nostalgia: "Elegant" was the word that I said to myself, when I saw and framed them with my eyes, Mike. smile
  • vintage
  • Australia
  • 15 May 2009, 09:21
Good one
vz-nostalgia: Just one, vintage? What about the second one? smile
  • anniedog
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 15 May 2009, 09:51
This reminds me of a Chinese painting with its simplicity and jade green colouring. Nicely balanced composition as always.
vz-nostalgia: Last time I did Chinese painting was back in school. We would dissolve dry sticks of Chinese ink in water and paint. God only knows how much ink ended up in my stomack, as we used to suck the excess of ink from the brush. smile
All said and done but not over....yet smile
vz-nostalgia: not over...yet. Well could be, Ms. Delia. Just look at Woody Allen. smile
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 15 May 2009, 11:42
vz-nostalgia: No distinguishing marks, Ms. Philine, just my layman assumption. smile
Natalya and I had dinner at a restaurant the other day. While we were discussing all kinds of stuff that happened to us during the day, an old couple occupied the table next to ours. Each of them ordered their food without talking to each other. They didn't say a word while they were waiting for the order. They ate their dinner in silence, paid to the waiter and left. I thought of this old couple, when I saw these two birds, who were physically sitting right next to each other, but mentally, they were so far apart. smile
  • Ti
  • 15 May 2009, 13:37
"Hey! Look at me when I'm talking to you!"


Well, at least they are still staying together on the same branch and not on separate ones... smile
vz-nostalgia: per mutual agreement, Ti. The rent is cheaper for one branch. smile Think!
I see old Blackie has gone all Simon and Garfunkel!
Not one of the prettier members of the bird fraternity!
vz-nostalgia: she looks at you, Bill, and says the same thing. smile
  • zed
  • Australia
  • 15 May 2009, 22:42
Nice couple, just hope my face holds up better than his, my hair certainly isn't smile
vz-nostalgia: Your hair isn't? In this case, there is very little hope, zed. smile
Very Japanese watercolour in design. A fine picture, which i liked a lot.
vz-nostalgia: I've never tried painting in the style of a Japanese watercolor, Ms. Jamoula. I might try it, when I retire. smile
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 16 May 2009, 06:42
Yes, you are right- I observed such old or less old old couples, too. Happy are those persons who can enjoy another kind of relationship, but I think we have also to cultivate a bit such relationships, they don't go without love, compassion and without speaking the same language (also meant in a metaphorical sense)!
vz-nostalgia: It well could be, Ms. Philine, that after such a long time together they achieved such a level of communication, where no words are needed. smile
Great processing and composition.. Nice weekend
vz-nostalgia: you too, Albert.
  • Chris
  • England
  • 16 May 2009, 20:03
Hey Vik you got a good one here. Just look at the greenth of those shadows!
vz-nostalgia: I'm looking at those greenth of shadows, Chris, trying to understand what you see in them. smile
Love the colours in this. Nice one VZ.
vz-nostalgia: the image completely fails in b&w, Ron. Apparently, some things are born to be in color. smile
Great composition Viktor
vz-nostalgia: that's what great composers usually do, Ms. Pam. smile
  • Kay
  • United States
  • 18 May 2009, 04:21
LOL! I love the humor in this shot. smile
vz-nostalgia: I think you are the only one who recognized the humor in this shot, Ms. Kay. Good for you. smile
vz-nostalgia: this must be a compliment on composition that came from Nig Clack. smile
Hey, I was training them the whole summer to sit on this branch the way they do here.
Even here, I can find a bit of Italia ! smile
The Piedmon region is a great one too.
Anyway, great shot Viktor. Those two obviously needed to rest a bit. Lovely photography, great sharpness and nice rendering on colors.
Oh, by the way, for the HDR... 5/5. Roger. ;-)
vz-nostalgia: Hahaha. Do you really think these two look like an old Italian couple, say, an older version of Romeo and Juliette? smile
Wonderful ! Just wonderful ! The composition is really clever !
vz-nostalgia: smile The composition is only as clever as the composer who composed it, zeb. smile
  • rem_la
  • France
  • 19 May 2009, 12:56
c'est magnifique !
vz-nostalgia: I'm too tired to argue with you about that, rem la. smile
  • dotun
  • United States
  • 19 May 2009, 21:40
nice shot
vz-nostalgia: I see you are lost for words, Dotun. smile
This reminds me of a Chinese painting. Piedmont is my region! Are you sure they are a couple? They are beautiful. I like.
vz-nostalgia: Piedmont is my region, Ms. Stef! Piedmont Mountains are a couple of hours away from Atlanta. The city of Rome is even closer. Don't believe me? Just google "Rome, Georgia". smile
  • Laurie
  • United States
  • 20 May 2009, 16:18
Excellent shot of some really interesting looking birds.
vz-nostalgia: Some call them ugly, but I'm with you, MS. Laurie, I too think they are interesting. smile
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