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photoblog image Viquarium: Minding My Own Business

Viquarium: Minding My Own Business

Viquarium: Minding My Own Business

comments (30)

That's a shiny red coat.
vz-nostalgia: Trying to prove that you are not color blind, Ms. Pixie? smile
Cute little fellow, lovely photo!
vz-nostalgia: Maybe that's why the photo is lovely, because the little fellow is so cute, Ms. Gina. smile
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 17 Apr 2009, 09:46
vz-nostalgia: love this little kid's poem, Ms. Philine. A friend sent me the link to a song performed by a little girl, which I think goes well with this poem.
  • zed
  • Australia
  • 17 Apr 2009, 10:07
Thats a very shiny ladybug.

Addit: not colour blind but into my first set of graduated lens tongue
vz-nostalgia: Everything will look shiny through a new lens for a while, zed, and then... It's like with marriage. smile
  • Aussie
  • Australia
  • 17 Apr 2009, 11:23
Lovely image, like the dof and the curl on the leaf.
vz-nostalgia: You have an unorthodox taste, Ms. Aussie. Everyone liked the bug. smile
Questa foto non è tua! Eh eh ehe he
vz-nostalgia: I'm just a little bug on the leaf of life, Ms. Steffie.
  • Mark J.
  • United States
  • 17 Apr 2009, 13:40
This is very light subject matter for you V. Spring must truly be in the air!
vz-nostalgia: It IS in the air, Mark, and it affects my brain. smile Unfortunately, teh spring air is not for long. A few weeks from now and the summer heat will conquer Atlanta. smile
Most of us like ladybirds but not other beetles. One in every five known plants or animal species is a beetle. They pre-date dinosaurs and outnumber birds. Canny little devils
vz-nostalgia: Your knowledge of all things insects is truly impressive, Lord Phillips. smile
  • Ti
  • United States
  • 17 Apr 2009, 14:05
It must be very itchy with a bug crawing on such a sensitve spot... smile

It started to fold up like a mimosa...
vz-nostalgia: If I wanted that sensitive effect, I would go pinkie, Ti. smile
A favourite little bug here VZ..but we didn't see one last year here in Wales...Nice capture.
vz-nostalgia: must've been too much pesticides on the fields of Wales last year, Ron.
A sure sign. Wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly. smile
Great macro shot, the OOF areas really draw attention to the ladybird.
vz-nostalgia: Tried to locate the OOF areas, Brian, but miserably failed. I guess it's time to pay a visit to my ophthalmologist. smile
  • Fabrice
  • France
  • 17 Apr 2009, 14:37
With us, a song that says "if it flies it will be fine Sunday" ...
It is too beautiful to fly. Great shot, Viktor.
vz-nostalgia: well, I hope "it flies" in France, Fabrice.
You are too beautiful to fly. smile Wow. I must remember this in case my wife decides to fly. smile
  • Kathryn
  • Germany
  • 17 Apr 2009, 15:10
vz-nostalgia: :
"I was just trying to get your attention", she said.
"What are you going to do with it now, when you got it?" he asked.
She didn't respond. I think she blew it. smile
I like it, loads of impact, and some texture to throw in too.
vz-nostalgia: You got it, Nig. All is very simple. Maximum impact with minimum effort. smile
superb shot Victor, have a great weekendsmile
vz-nostalgia: I'll try, Tim. smile
  • andres
  • United States
  • 17 Apr 2009, 19:43
Great picture, ventured away from the normal black & white, but very nicely done.
vz-nostalgia: All depends if I'm in a color or a b&w mood, Andres. smile
  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 18 Apr 2009, 03:12
Ladybird, Ladybird
Fly away Home
Your House is afire
Your children will burn...


Where are the darn aphids?
vz-nostalgia: There is no shortage of aphids in our garden, Ray. That's why they like it here. smile
  • Kathryn
  • Germany
  • 18 Apr 2009, 06:53
She smiled as she pondered his question, "One day wouldn't be enough, would it?"

Fly away home, ladybug.
vz-nostalgia: And that's exactly what she did. smile
  • Eliza
  • Tanzania
  • 18 Apr 2009, 06:55
colour or black and white mood, i know exactly what you mean smile. i am usually black and white, but the debate has prompted me to file a couple of colour images for a change.. i don't think we get ladybirds here, your pic reminds me of how colourful they are.
vz-nostalgia: I bet the color pallete in Tanzania is so spectacular, it takes an effort to stay in a b&w mood all the time. smile
Do you have ladybirds in the place where you are from?
Linda a foto
Por suas cores, sua proximidade, o desfoco
O foco...Mas o mais bonito é a imagem de um inseto que lembra a infância..a parte feliz e doce da vida...lembra brincadeira e lembra casa com jardim, arvore no quintal.
A joaninha é assim que chamamos aqui.
Tem de todas as cores...Mas a verlha e preta lembra a infância..igual as borboletas amarelas.

vz-nostalgia: Ola, Selena.
I asked my Brazilian friend to translate your comment. She did a great job as usually:
The picture is beautiful
Because of its colors, the proximity, the lack of focus, the focus…
but the most beautiful is the image of an insect that reminds me of childhood… the happiest and sweetest part of life… reminds me of the games played, the house with a garden, the tree in the backyard.
“Joaninha” is how we call lady bug here.
There are lady bugs with all kinds of colors… but the red and black reminds me of my childhood… just like the yellow butterflies…”

I'm only happy to transport you in time back to your childhood, the happiest of all times, indeed. From now on, watch out for a yellow butterfly on Nostalgia. smile
  • vera
  • France
  • 19 Apr 2009, 20:31
vz-nostalgia: Oh, Ms. Vera. I'll work a bit harder then, so next time you visit Nostalgia, you could say "all your work is really aesthetic, not just leaves". smile
The previous shot was made a few blocks from my office in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Chris
  • England
  • 19 Apr 2009, 21:10
What a wonderfully reflective Ladybird Vik: if only it knew how famous it now is!
vz-nostalgia: well, some folks are indifferent to fame, Chris. She might be one of them. smile
  • lasiate
  • Philippines
  • 20 Apr 2009, 01:10
un classique somptueux. perfection dans l'harmonie des couleurs et du bokeh
vz-nostalgia: classic... perfection... these are strong words, lasiate. One have to be very frugal in using them, because when I post a really good picture next time, there would be no superlatives left. smile
  • Laurie
  • United States
  • 20 Apr 2009, 02:36
This is one of my favorites. I have a soft spot for these little ladybugs. The bokeh is superb, the color is perfect. The curled leaf looks like a nice little shelter for her.
vz-nostalgia: I see I'm getting a bit closer to the opening of your shell, Ms. Laurie. smile
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 21 Apr 2009, 21:05
Must be from the age of Viquarius wink V
  • Bob Dee
  • United Kingdom
  • 23 Apr 2009, 13:21
Wow now thats beautiful,,,great work
vz-nostalgia: my pleasure, Bob. smile
interesting work as usual.without really repeating what has already been said, the bug seems to b d main focus but the DOP and glowiness gives it an overall nostalgic feel
vz-nostalgia: you have an eye of an art critic, Ms. Toun. smile
superb photo, excellent depth of field
vz-nostalgia: as I mentioned before, I'm an excellent DOFer, Derek. smile
Wow - spot on focus here Viktor and superb clarity in the colours smile
vz-nostalgia: I wish I had the same focus and clarity in my mind, Ms. Pam. smile
That is a lovely capture. Stunning.
vz-nostalgia: There is a huge difference (a canyon of difference smile) between a lovely capture and a stunning capture, Ade. Make up your mind, man! smile
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