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photoblog image The Other Side of Ansley Park: An American Dream

The Other Side of Ansley Park: An American Dream

...still a blurry dream as ever, as it slips away for oh so many in this country, once again. 

The Other Side of Ansley Park: An American Dream

...still a blurry dream as ever, as it slips away for oh so many in this country, once again. 

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  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 10 Mar 2009, 01:23
Hades....come on in, and enjoy the warmth...

While you are here, perhaps We can interest you in a Second or Third Mortgage..or, perhaps a budget of some other persons'...
vz-nostalgia: LOL Ray. Sure, come over... We just got bailed out by the government (by the taxpayers, if in real). Come over, we'll screw you one more time. smile
  • Laurie
  • United States
  • 10 Mar 2009, 02:15
Very mysterious image. Great mood. Nice choice of focus.
vz-nostalgia: what kind of mystery do you see here, Ms. Laurie?
  • Laurie
  • United States
  • 10 Mar 2009, 03:30
Well if I knew the answer then it wouldn't be a mystery would it? smile

It's like there is something lurking.
vz-nostalgia: I guess you are right, Laurie. smile
...something is lurking? Holy smokes. Wonder where this would lead your fantasy. smile
  • Suzanne
  • Canada
  • 10 Mar 2009, 04:33
an obvious and clear entrance into something still nebulous and uncertain...the state of the word, "once again"...
vz-nostalgia: a transition from sureness to uncertainty? a thread from a conscious state of mind to subconsciousness?...
We learn from history that we learn nothing from history.
- George Bernard Shaw
vz-nostalgia: at least we know that far, Bill. smile Socrates' paradoxial wisdom smile Knowing that we know nothing makes us wiser, don't you think? smile
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 10 Mar 2009, 09:16
HOPE DIES LAST- I hope for better times -in the States (because we all depend on this big country) and otherwhere! An impressive composition with very fine structures- the blurs work well!
vz-nostalgia: "Hope" is the thing with feathers —
That perches in the soul..." smile
Who said this? Emily Dickenson, if I remember correctly. While we alive we hope, Philine.
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 10 Mar 2009, 12:03
Viktor, yesterday I read in my literature calendar (every day one poem) Goethe's words abot "The United States"- sometimes quoted now by politicians as a sign of hope:

"America, you're better off
Than our continent, the old.
You have no castles which are fallen,
No basalt to behold.
You are not disturbed in your inmost being,
In the very pulsation of life
By useless remembering
And unrewarding strife.
Use well the present—and good luck to you!
And when your children begin writing poetry,
Let them guard well, in all they do,
Against knight-, robber-, and ghost-story."
vz-nostalgia: I truly believe that America will experience rebirth, Philine. There is an enormous strive for change in the country.
Perhaps that's why it's called the American "Dream"...desired by most yet attainable by just a priveledged few. And when finally attained, the "dream" may prove as ethereal as the promised happiness it is supposed to bring with it. We do not know our dreams.
Fine image, Viktor.
vz-nostalgia: smile Is it like the right for "persuit of happiness" instead of the right "to happiness", Alan? smile
  • Mia
  • United States
  • 11 Mar 2009, 14:18
I like the idea here, a door within a door. Interesting the way you've interpreted the picture smile
vz-nostalgia: You are welcome to come in, Mia. I can't guarantee you won't lose you way in the blurry reality on the other side of the fence, though. smile
it seems so Victor sadly, personally feel the crunches are manufactured so as to keep the masses in their place, down, very down, easier to control scared peeps worried about jobs etcsad great shot by the waysmile
vz-nostalgia: Wow. I didn't know you are into a conspiracism, Tim smile
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 11 Mar 2009, 17:10
Sharp as a Minora - Ray and Laurie's second comment smile

I believe my grandchildren - if I have them - will study the current crisis. Hopefully they will be taught that there is no such thing as limitless credit and endless profit growth.

Your picture bears the title out. Like it, but then I am biased towards blurries.
vz-nostalgia: I had to look up Minora on Google. smile They don't sell these blades here in the US.
There is more to this than a limitless credit and an endless profit, Louis. I'd say, it's a psychology of consumerism we have to defeat and that is not an easy thing to do, as consumerism is seen now as a driving force of a prosperous economy. That's an insane race we engaged into. We work overtime to produce stuff, so we could earn more money to buy more stuff and by that to keep our economy alive. Remember what Bush asked us to do right after 9/11 events? "support your country, go shopping". There is something inherently wrong with the whole approach of this economic theory.
  • Suzanne
  • Canada
  • 12 Mar 2009, 17:00
When the unconscious becomes conscious there is a period of adjustment, a time when the old doesn't fit anymore, and it's like losing a good friend. One can feel a little lost in having let go of a dream. Your image and words don't suggest otherwise. Do they?.... It is a temporary state..then the work of rebuilding begins..
vz-nostalgia: "When the unconscious becomes conscious..."
hmmm... have you ever had that feeling, when you look at a painting, or a photograph for the first time and you have an immediate connection to it, but you have no explanation to this. And it's not about lines, or color, or a composition.
The same could happen when you meet a person, you've never seen before, but to whom you have an immediate favorable disposition for an unknown reason. Is that a moment, when a subconscious becomes conscious?
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 12 Mar 2009, 19:49
[Heh, heh] philosophy (philos = love, sophos = knowledge; so philosophy is love/search for knowledge/facts) is not about romanticism. Romanticism paints the light and dark sides of life, philosophy states how it is without indication of like and dislike.

Back to consumerism. I have this belief (based on observation, reading, etc.) that all -ism which are anyway based on human thinking, have a built-in destructive device. This will lead to any -ism coming to an end because it is proven a phalacy over time, or it fell into disfavour.

The consumerism exists as belief sets. Not written or even said out loud, but implicitly understood amongst followers. One definite such a belief is that there is no end to credit. Therefor I can consume and don't need to conserve. The crunch should have put a lot of skid marks on this train of thought. Naturely there will still be those who will try to cling to consumerism because they are rich or mad enough.

There is indeed something very wrong with the approach of this economic theory. If Bush is the professor of consumerism, then - man, oh man I can't use such words in public.

I bet many people are now seriously re-thinking the limit of what they can afford. And there will be the horror stories of what happened to some people along the way. Some of them I picked up on Shutter and they now live on as dormant accounts. Others are keeping their cars longer smile

I wrote endless profit growth, not just endless profit. A business can be in a position to always make a profit and even may exist for very long. But endless growth? In the end you will have priced yourself out of the market and have only one employee - so after two such years the business will be no-more.

Endless profit growth is the cancerous carbuncle that capitalism produced somewhere to the end of the 1970's. I am not a prophet, but like consumerism met its credit limit we may soon see capitalism meet its profit growth limit. And we know what cancer does when running unchecked ...

The current solutions to produce profit growth is to have a merger. Mergers grow monopoly's. The monopoly is protected within the country borders from foreign competition by government measures called protectionism - note the last 3 letters. In the end the monopoly will start eating the golden goose, the time bomb is ticking real fast.

Lovely exchanging views in this way.
vz-nostalgia: well, the "isms" that represent a system of beliefs will certainly change as the world around them changes. Say, in politics (marxism), religion (judaism, baptism) and so on. Those "isms" that defy the time will stay unchanged with us forever, say in art (fauvism, impressionism), in human qualities (altruism, elitism) and so on.

What happens now in teh US will be very funny, if it wasn't that tragic, Louis. People finally started to save money, instead of spending them like there is no tomorrow, and that brought the economy into even deeper crisis. No one buys stuff anymore. Companies fire workers because of that. Holy smokes. "Something is rotten in the State of Denmark..." as one good poet said quite some time ago. smile
Nice chatting with you, Louis. smile
  • Mina Guirguis
  • United States
  • 13 Mar 2009, 14:09
Here you go again, back to the old song. I told you, you weren't in your right mind.

On a serious note, we have a better shot at attainning happiness if we can clearly articulate what happiness is for each of us. Apparently, the biggest car, the biggest house and wasteful life styles didn't really put us closer to that goal. I see that we at least, started to talk about the right subjects. Energy independence, conservative consumptions (at least since we have less money, though i hoped it would have been a choice rather than a necessity!)and building new innovative industries....I think it looks the best now than the past 30 years. i mean come one, we are talking about building railways and high speed trains in places like Giorgia and North gotta be hopeful when you hear this even if it takes 20 years to get there, at least we started on the right track!
vz-nostalgia: I don't remember, when I was in my right mind last time, Mina. smile

Well put, Mina. It took a collapse of three auto giants fr folks to understand the advantages of a public transportation. It was neglected for so many years, even Obama can't lift this load of problems during just his term. That's why it will require for him to build a viable system that will survive even when he's gone from the White House.
  • patrick
  • United States
  • 13 Mar 2009, 14:31
Mark Twain: History doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes
vz-nostalgia: Twain is such a fount of wisdom. One of my favotites from him is "Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside." smile
Now is the time to snap up some bargainswink Oh yeah if you have any money...
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