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photoblog image Zyryality: A Brand New Day

Zyryality: A Brand New Day



Zyryality: A Brand New Day



comments (28)

  • jamoula McKean
  • Australia
  • 20 Jan 2009, 00:58
It's a great beginning- let's hope that it will make a difference. Watched 'in the garden of elah' two nights ago. It ends with the US flag being hung upside down...perhaps this administration will restore its position in the world.
vz-nostalgia: I'm sure he'll restore. The whole world hopes. That's why we call him Mr. Hope. smile
Did you mean you watched "In the Valley of Elah", Jamoula? About the disappeared solder?
  • Larry Bliss
  • Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
  • 20 Jan 2009, 01:27
I couldn't agree more. Here's to the next President! smile
vz-nostalgia: cheers, Larry!
Interesting idea.
vz-nostalgia: ...mine or Obama's to run for a president, Ms. Dawn? smile
  • blackdog
  • the 3rd Stone From the Sun
  • 20 Jan 2009, 10:11
The world has its collective fingers crossed! Cheers.
vz-nostalgia: keep them crossed. cheers, Mike.
  • anniedog
  • United Kingdom
  • 20 Jan 2009, 10:44
I'll drink to that Viktor. Let's just hope that people aren't too unrealistic and expect miracles.
vz-nostalgia: well, not miracles, but people should demand from Obama reforms. That's what democracy is about. Democracy never comes from the top. Fortunately, he's willing to listen. He already started his presidential blogging smile
  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 20 Jan 2009, 10:50
am rather taken with the history of the moment, VZ...will be staying up very late tonight to drink it in.
vz-nostalgia: I must admit, I had wet eyes watching the inauguration and listening his speech.
I will be watching the inauguration this afternoon, hoping that it will herald a better future. So I'll raise a glass with you Viktor
vz-nostalgia: It can't be worse, Bill. I think we hit the rock bottom.
Let's say good bye to W.
See you in court, mister president.
  • patrick
  • United States
  • 20 Jan 2009, 15:28
authority without resposibility is tyranny
resposibility without authority is slavery
one is W
one is us
vz-nostalgia: as of noon today, Pat:
one WAS W
one WAS us
Just about to rush home to watch the inauguration on TV. A great day. I hope Obama won't turn out to be the disappointment Tony Blair turned out to be!

A toast to the USA!
vz-nostalgia: Cheers, Ian!
I found this anonymous sketch funny and clever at the same time:

Dear World:
We, the United States of America, your top quality supplier of the
ideals of liberty and democracy, would like to apologize for our
2001-2008 interruption in service. The technical fault that led to
this eight-year service outage has been located, and the software
responsible was replaced November 4. Early tests of the newly
installed program indicate that we are now operating correctly, and
we expect it to be fully functional January 20. We apologize for
any inconvenience caused by the outage. We look forward to resuming
full service and hope to improve in years to come. We thank you for
your patience and understanding,

He can't be any worse, bottoms up!
vz-nostalgia: well, it's nice to see an intellectual at the top for a change, Nig. smile
  • Sam Finken
  • United States
  • 20 Jan 2009, 20:31
Yes, let us take the incompetent old white man out who took $350 billion and gave it basically to his political backers despite this can not possibly save American Capiltalism - and didn't.

Let us put in a competent young black man who promises he will take $350 billion and basically give it to his political backers despite this can not possibly save American Capitalism - and won't.

Viva la difference. (Viva means 'what's' right?)

'It's getting better all the time' - Paul McCartney

'It can't get no worse' - John Lennon.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for change and Obama may lauch infastructure rebuilding to give hope to many unemployed and poise us for prosperity. It's just (specifially not 'communisim'wink Totalitarian systems of centralized economy decimating the poor and middle class in benefit of the rich who rule like the ex-Soviet Union proved these systems are archaic and doomed to fail. Even Republic systems of centralized economy burdening the poor and middle class who actually create the wealth in benefit of the few rich like we have.

Let us hope Obama is a wild tiger and not a saddled one.
vz-nostalgia: Good working government is not a trademark of any totalitarian system, Sam. Just opposite.
Tell me, how can anyone in his right mind expect a positive result from a government, whose slogan is "government is not a solution to our problems. Goverment is the problem" (a Republican mantra since Reagan years)? That is absolutely insane.
If Obama makes the goverment to work as a well oiled machine, smooth and efficient (as he promises to do), he'll be considered the greatest president only for that. This is from his inaugural speech: "The question we ask today is not whether our government is too big or too small, but whether it works..."
Absolutely great photo! Reflects the idea so well! I am with you here to celebrate and to praise!
Thank you for your comment on my photo.
vz-nostalgia: great to have you on Nostalgia, Ms. Nataly, celebrating such a remarkable day in our history.
  • Ada
  • United States
  • 20 Jan 2009, 21:37
Go obama!!!! I'll drink to that.
vz-nostalgia: cheers, Ada. It's big day today. A turning point.
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 20 Jan 2009, 21:41
We are so deeply emotionally involved in the inauguration of Obama which
is taking place today, and we are sitting in front of the TV to watch all what is happening as well. "We can!"- I very very hope for changes on many levels for many people! In this way I appreciate your pic - there is much darkness indeed- yes, we have to be realistic, and the Gaza war and the economical problems all over the world are some of the darkest sides in the beginning of Mr. President.
vz-nostalgia: That's true, what wasn't in short supply today it's emotions, Philine. Gosh, I haven't seen so much emotions for quite some time, if ever. Eight years of mediocrity can put anyone into a depression. People were so desperate for a fresh air.
I watched the inauguration with a tear in my eye Vik: I could not get Martin Luther King's address in 1963 out of my mind.

The glass? Well it's half full!
vz-nostalgia: Same here, Chris. The whole thing was extremely emotional for me.
Even though our new president stands in front of the ruins (it looks like everything that W has managed to touch during these eight years turned into a pile of crap), I'm more than optimistic. The glass is more than half full for me. smile
  • ÁDD
  • Spain
  • 21 Jan 2009, 09:33
vz-nostalgia: The world maybe doesn't depend on a president, Antonio, but a strong leader can definitely influence how things flow in this world. We have plenty of examples of that (mostly bad) in the likes of Alexander The Great (Alexander from Macedon), Napoleon, Lenin, Mao and so forth.
Ha, you are the first one who actually noticed the image. smile
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 21 Jan 2009, 11:47
Cheers to the new dawn - excellent picture to support the title.

Since I like to look at the crystal ball from different sides: the fact that the US electorate finally woke up to what happens when you keep your head in the sand, allowed them to reject Dubya and what goes with him. I do hope that the same electorate also understands that there is some work to be done - let's call it active participation to the same extent as the attendance at the polls. It is a steep hill to re-scale, but fear not as you don't live in Zimbabwe.

I like Dear World, which is aptly signed by THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and not Obama. Worth a huge celebration. It was front page over here.

If I was an american I would have said: let's not celebrate HIS success, but let's celebrate OUR success. Now I can say, have a big party on YOUR success on having reached the starting line.
vz-nostalgia: Absolutely, Louis. It's OUR success. I'm so proud that the best minds of this country suported Obama- writers, musicians, film makers... the geniuses of the whole Sylicon Valley got together and brainstormed how to help Obama (and it worked! Just look how efficient was his internet campaign).
  • Douglas Rogers
  • United States
  • 21 Jan 2009, 13:41
thank you sir!
vz-nostalgia: You are most welcome, Mr. Rogers. smile
Let's hope for a bright, new day!
PEACE for ALL smile

This is such a wonderful shot smile
vz-nostalgia: Cheers, Ms. Shirin!
  • Ginnie
  • Atlanta, GA, United States
  • 22 Jan 2009, 13:03
vz-nostalgia: Well could be, Ms. Ginnie, I don't know. Must admit, I'm absolutely ignorant in astrology and pay very little attention to it, if any. I do know that some people claim that the Age of Aquarius started in 19th century with the rise of teh industrial revolution. Others claim it started in 20th century with world wars and the rise of communism and fascism.
What I'm sure of is that the book of intellectual mediocrity, of professional impotence, of bottomless greed and total secrecy is closed for good and a new book is started, and the page is clean.
"I still have a dream..."
I hope yours will come true as well.
vz-nostalgia: The whole world hopes for that, Gabor. smile
  • Lee
  • Atlanta
  • 23 Jan 2009, 13:03
We raised a glass and watched with relief as he boarded that helicopter much as our parents did when N I X O N did the same. I do think it is a shame he was never impeached for the WMD charade. Oh well. Good by Dubya, don't let the door hit you.
vz-nostalgia: I hope I will never hear of him from now on, Lee. Well, with the exception of the court hearings, of course. He has to pay for what he and his buddies have done to this country and the world.
vz-nostalgia: Amen, Ms. Rosalyn.
Lots of work ahead of this young man and his team. I truly believe he's capable to return the word "United" into the United States of America. This country (and teh world) was divided for damn too long.
Well, I certainly
vz-nostalgia: cheers, then. Mr. President and his team have an enourmous task of digging this country out of a very deep hole.
excellent shot!
Thank you for your comment.
vz-nostalgia: you are very welcome.
  • _Monika_
  • United Kingdom
  • 24 Jan 2009, 23:05
We all hope for better future, here in UK as well... Let's keep the fingers crossed!
vz-nostalgia: I'm sure it will come, Ms. Monika. It won't happen overnight, but we'll be there. Best minds are helping him. So many people want him to succeed.
Hi VZ...cheers on the guts to make a bold political statement. Perhaps the World owes Bush this: human behavior is such that we won't make a change in our behaviors, however necessary, until our backs are absolutely up against the wall. The 12-step people put it another way: you can't start your way back up until you've hit bottom. It appears Bush has both painted us into the corner and brought us to the bottom. His watch has demonstrated that unregulated greed in the world financial markets doesn't turn out well. We now all have the opportunity and responsibility to look at how we live our lives and consume the planet's resources, and then make some choices about we can improve the lot of all the World's citizens. (Or we can ignore it as Bush's administration has advocated, and when we have this discussion again in 50 years, it will be about basic human survival.) We still have the choice to make some changes.
May I suggest one for your photo, sliding back now into non-politico blogmode? smile
Try rotating the entire image 5-10% counter clockwize, and recrop. It will add a much stronger dynamic to your celebatory image. Funny, I thought of making the same image on Inauguration Day, but was in the hospital and didn't have a wine glass...I'd have tried a nice Shiraz, but your pinot probably refracts better light tonality. Anyway, here's a toast to you and to human possibility and redemption, new friend!!! Alan
vz-nostalgia: Hi Alan,
I'm not a stranger to bold statements, including political ones. smile On other hand, we have to give W a deserved credit. Without his failed presidency, there would be no Obama. He put us all in such a miserable situation that even folks who never considered voting went to cast their votes. Let's say the incompetence of W paved the way to intelligence of Obama.

I'll give a try to your suggestion of a slight rotation of the image and let you know, if I it works.

ps. That was chardonnay. smile
Great, great post for this day. Me and my kids were so excited watching the ceremony on TV and envisaging the bright new future that this man holds for the world. We do have to thank the departed though, he helped in no small way to bring the American people to make their voices heard like never before at the polling stations.
vz-nostalgia: I can't believe you missed it, Ms. Pixie. smile
Obama has the chance to be one of the greatest presidents in the US history, if he manages to get us out of this enormous mess that W left to us.
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