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photoblog image Tales from My Garden: The Art Of Being Simple

Tales from My Garden: The Art Of Being Simple

Tales from My Garden: The Art Of Being Simple

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  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 28 Aug 2008, 01:10
You jest! Of course!

There ain't nothing simple about this study of the form of the leaf.

Great job here, Rosalyn.
vz-nostalgia: I'm looking in the mirror in a vain attempt to see the appealing curvatures of Rosalyn. You gave me false hope, Ray. I'm so disappointed. smile
  • Ada
  • a very dark room
  • 28 Aug 2008, 02:07
Look at that detail....
This image definitely changes my simple thoughts about a leaf...
vz-nostalgia: A subject could be simple, Ms. Ada, but a thought about a simple subject could be a complex one. smile
  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 28 Aug 2008, 05:13
Ooops! Sorry! I was not suggesting Natalya needs to lock her underwear drawer.

Nevertheless, there is great artistry in the plant and in the photographer's depiction of it.
vz-nostalgia: too late, Ray, the drawer has been broken into. smile
  • Astrid
  • Netherlands
  • 28 Aug 2008, 05:49
Just staring at this picture, my thoughts are miles away, so much truth in this wonderful picture, yes being simple is an is one of the joys of life.....see the small simple things in life and take joy from that.
I have joy of looking at this beautiful picture, thank you Viktor.
(I do hope my words say what I mean, now I don't like it to try to say this in another language sad )
vz-nostalgia: I see you couldn't hold your emotions any longer, Ms. Astrid. smile Good for you. Let them out in any language you want, I'll understand. smile
  • blackdog
  • United Kingdom
  • 28 Aug 2008, 09:03
Regeneration is one of the true wonders - I was really surprised when I learned that every cell in our bodies has regenerated every seven years. Simple yet so complex.
vz-nostalgia: I wonder what happens with our memories, experiences, learned knowledge, when our old brain cells that store all this stuff get replaced with the new ones. Have you thought of that, Mike? smile
Now this is awesome...I look at this and I realise that I am not opening my eyes wide enough.
vz-nostalgia: Glad to be of help, Jide. smile
  • anniedog
  • United Kingdom
  • 28 Aug 2008, 09:24
Simple at first glance but when you study it you see all the little details and variations. The combination of straight lines and curves is very pleasing.
vz-nostalgia: That is exactly the point, Ms. Ingrid. There is often much depth behind a seeming simplicity, as well as much shallowness behind a seeming complexity. smile
  • Kathryn
  • Germany
  • 28 Aug 2008, 09:52
Oh Viktor, this is just so beautifully simple with all it's unique intricacies and complexities!
vz-nostalgia: for a second I thought you are describing me, Ms. Kathryn. smile
A very good one Viktor. I like it a lot!!!
vz-nostalgia: and what is it here that looks so appealing to you here, Ms. Berta?
  • Chris
  • United States
  • 28 Aug 2008, 13:52
brilliant !
vz-nostalgia: bril·liant (br¹l“y…nt) adj. See Synonyms at intelligent.
I like that, Chris. Intelligence is quite often a missing part in photography. smile
  • Kelly Henry
  • United States
  • 28 Aug 2008, 14:28
When I first looked at it I thought Scar, but when looking longer.... I like the sinuous curve is very appealing. You framed it very well.
vz-nostalgia: Ms. Kelly, my dad was a carpenter, so I know the art of framing very well. smile
I like this one a lot. The architectural quality of the leaf comes across very well, but I can also see other things, like bolts of cloth or a print works with textiles running over rollers.
vz-nostalgia: "the architecture of a leaf"
I like this comparison very much, Ian. It's true, every leaf has an inner structure, just like a building. smile
  • larry
  • United States
  • 28 Aug 2008, 17:01
Wiktor, you have struck another simply complex contradictory chord in the cello of life with this rendition of light and shadow, structure, shape and texture. Where does one go from here? Maybe, nature sustains a higher status of superiority than we bestow upon it? Thank you for letting us see the light.
vz-nostalgia: smile I love cello, and I love contradictory cords that life presents to us from time to time. smile
There is no doubt in my mind that nature is superior, Larry. I compare insects with the machinery that we create (dragonflies vs. helicopters...ect), there is no comparison. I compare the materials in nature with the man-made materials (spider web vs. synthetic thread), there is no comparison...
I don't even touch the aesthetic aspect of this. We have a long way to go, Larry.
  • Ginnie
  • Atlanta, GA, United States
  • 28 Aug 2008, 17:28
Ray really is right, Viktor, about "You jest! Of course!" This reminds me of what they do in movies by taking you with great speed from outside the universe (as it were) to someplace deep within our cell structure, swapping one universe for the other. "As above, so below" is an astrological phrase that parallels what I mean. I just wish I knew your EXIF data because this seems like through a microscope, and that truly is an "art" but not so simple! To think it's in your garden (and mine!).
vz-nostalgia: Oh, Ms. Ginnie, how can anyone trust a man who called me Rosalyn! smile
Your description of "as above, so below" brought to my mind last minutes of Andrei Tarkovsky movie "Solaris", when the camera seamlessly zooms out from a leaf in someone's backyard garden to the view of the planet Earth. It looked quite spectacular in 1972, and still does (I watched it recently again on the Turner Classic Movies channel).
  • tim
  • some were in Armley, Leeds:)
  • 28 Aug 2008, 21:20
blimey Victor if there is a better shot of a leaf out there in cyberspace could you please point me in the right directionsmile

vz-nostalgia: As soon as I find one, I'll shoot you the link, Tim. I promise. I just doubt it will happen any time soon. smile
brilliant shot vz


lol at you and ray
vz-nostalgia: My pleasure, doc.
Ray is a lot of fun. smile
  • Larry Bliss
  • Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
  • 29 Aug 2008, 02:11
Not only simple, but profound.
vz-nostalgia: profoundly simple! You nailed it, Larry. smile
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 29 Aug 2008, 08:10
More 'art' than 'nature'- a kind of metamorphosis (by your photographing- processing!), the beautiful simple structures seem to be for you more important than the colours! 'Nature' and 'art' can form a kind of symbiosis in the happiest-effective moments. The elder I am the more I love the simple, the simple things, the simple words, the simple thoughts, the simple behaviours (especially as a mature product after having processed all complexities and difficulties...), I love the sentence: !"All great things are simple.. " (but I myself am still on the way...)!
vz-nostalgia: "More art than nature". I wouldn't go that far setting off art against nature and vise versa, Ms. Philine. In so many cases it's all the same, and quite often "art" is just a sorry imitation of nature.
I feel the same way, Ms. Philine. The older I get, the more I like (and appreciate) simplicity in things and thoughts, and pseudo-intellectualism starts irritating me a great deal. smile Seriously. smile
Very nice work here.
vz-nostalgia: with pleasure, Sesan.
Well, Viktor, I do like some of your work!!
I like the diferent tones of the lines which make a seqüence; the curves in the central part which curves more when reaching the end; the sharpeness of the picture... At the first glance it suggested me of an oppened book.... I just LIKED it!!
vz-nostalgia: I like your reading of this image as an open book, a book of nature. Not many of us have the gift to read it, though. smile I certainly can't claim the praise for the curves on the central part, that's how an unopened banana leaf works. smile
  • Jendayee
  • Martinique (Caribbeans)
  • 29 Aug 2008, 16:48
Simple and wonderful ! B&W is great !
vz-nostalgia: No arguments from my side on this, Jendavee. smile
  • Alan
  • Southampton, on the sunny south coast of England
  • 30 Aug 2008, 12:13
Simple it is but oh so very effective.
vz-nostalgia: That maybe the definition of the art of being simple, Alan. smile
Preciosa foto y excelente tratamiento.
vz-nostalgia: mi placer, maqroll
my pleasure
This is lovely - and so delicate this gradual unfurling
vz-nostalgia: Those are true fans of my photography who look at my pictures and share their thoughts about them almost at four in the morning. smile
My hat is off to you, Chris.
What an eye you have! A masterpiece of shape, form and tone Viktor. Great image.
vz-nostalgia: So glad you drop by from time to time, Ms. Shackleton.
I guess being converting to black and white increased the visibility of the textures, nice one.
vz-nostalgia: You came to a very logical conclusion, Nig. smile
When one lacks something, one has to compensate the loss with something else. I guess nature illustrates it well with blondes, rewarding them with beautiful bodies and faces (not all of them, of course, there are exceptions) smile
Simply GREAT!
vz-nostalgia: ...or is it greatly simple? smile
Viktor, es grande, es simple, no importa! es genial, amigo mio! Un trabajo muy fino y artístico!
Unique simple, unique beauty.
Just elegant lines, cells, tones.
And your eyes to notice it.
Very nice work.
vz-nostalgia: Isn't that what we're mostly after, Gabor, a uniquely simple elegant beauty. August Rodin was once asked, how he achieves such beauty working with marble. It's very simple, he said, one just needs to cut off all the extra stone. smile
  • Jincong
  • China
  • 14 Oct 2008, 22:53
I love this one.
It is really simple.
vz-nostalgia: But don't be fooled, Jincong. Quite often simplicity is deceiving. smile
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