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photoblog image Sketches From The Forgotten Coast: Of Thinking Nothing

Sketches From The Forgotten Coast: Of Thinking Nothing


"Still waiting for …Godot?" asked a stranger and glanced around the empty beach. He looked familiar. "Not really, Monsieur Beckett", I said, "Just thinking nothing, just watching waves and sand play flirty games".


Sketches From The Forgotten Coast: Of Thinking Nothing


"Still waiting for …Godot?" asked a stranger and glanced around the empty beach. He looked familiar. "Not really, Monsieur Beckett", I said, "Just thinking nothing, just watching waves and sand play flirty games".


comments (15)

  • Ada
  • United States
  • 1 Aug 2008, 00:23
hehehehe...waves and sad play flirty games. That's a great expression. I never thought of it that way. I haven't been to the beach since I nearly drowned 15 years ago...I was seven then. Lovely picture went fishing :p
vz-nostalgia: What others call fishing, I call meditation, Ms. Ada. smile
  • ray
  • Thailand
  • 1 Aug 2008, 02:37
One presumes you have weighted the line but deliberately left off the lure, VZ; that increases the possibility that a "catch" will not inject unwanted excitement into your voluntary coma.
vz-nostalgia: Often times it's a process that counts, not the end result, Ray.
I am fascinated with the term a "voluntary coma". I have to reflect on this a bit deeper. smile
  • Kathryn
  • Germany
  • 1 Aug 2008, 08:07
Waves and sand play flirty games for eternity,
while the heavens watch with envy.

I wonder, VZ, if they ever think of reaching ever so slightly over the line...if the waves ever think of moving their lips dangerously close to the sand or if the sand ever thinks of what it might feel like to feel the breath of the waves on it's face.

Those "delicately-out-of-synch souls."
vz-nostalgia: The moment the waves lose their head and cross the line they turn into a hurricane. Everyone knows, when a hurricane hits the shore it brings a lot of destruction. Therefore, the waives and sand better behave themselves and keep playing their flirty games to their mutual enjoyment. smile
  • terry
  • Nepal
  • 1 Aug 2008, 13:35
and as you share this experience my mind drifts with the wind and drowns in the deep, content at catching thoughts of an ever elusive marlin..

love the mood conveyed in the shot, Vik smile
vz-nostalgia: I hope this wind will reach the eastern shores of the US one day, Terry. I'll let you know what marlins think about next time I catch one in the Gulf of Mexico. smile
Good sombre shot. like it VZ
vz-nostalgia: my great pleasure, Sesan
  • Ginnie
  • Atlanta, GA, United States
  • 1 Aug 2008, 15:33
It sounds like you've got the "flirty games" down to a science, Viktor. No hurricanes, please, unless you can promise no destruction. BUT like playing with fire, someone always gets burned. (sigh)
vz-nostalgia: Wonder if I should write a doctorate on "flirty games", Ms. Ginnie. Would you like to be my tutor? smile
  • cathy J
  • United States
  • 1 Aug 2008, 16:12
wow Viktor - when i first saw this i thought it was a shot of a beach from a higher point. And it looks like the beach has jagged boulders and people on it. Then I saw the fishing pole and can see that the scale is much much smaller - but it's such a strong visual to me that even with the fishing pole i still see the people!
vz-nostalgia: I guess I should’ve titled the photograph “Gulliver’s fishing” smile
You’re right. I haven’t noticed that effect until you mentioned it. This brings a second dimension to a picture, doesn’t it?
  • Martin
  • United States
  • 1 Aug 2008, 16:20
I think you are playing flirty games with the perspective and it works!
vz-nostalgia: I see I'm turning into Der Großmeister of Flirt. smile
It is much harder than it seems to think nothing. I remember trying to do it in yoga. I only managed it once. A magical moment of total stillness of mind and body.
vz-nostalgia: I'm with you, Bill. I physically can't think of nothing outside of nature. But then, being in nature, I don't even think about it. smile
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 1 Aug 2008, 20:11
A nice metaphor "how waives and sand play flirty games". Do you find the image "how waves and feet play flirty games" even so nice? - "Just thinking nothing" -yes, I totally agree that this may be a wonderful situation of forgetting all things around me and all times before and after while lying or sitting on the beach and listening to the melody of the waves! But only a few people or myself quite alone should be there, not so many people like on your pic! Your photo has the charm of the fifties, probably because of b&w!
  • Kelly
  • United States
  • 1 Aug 2008, 21:32
I feel like I am home, it reminds me of Pensacola beach.
vz-nostalgia: Well, that's about 3-hour drive from Panama City. Not that far. The same white sand. I didn't know you're from Pensacola, a beach girl. smile
i like this

looks like a scene from a classic movie or something
vz-nostalgia: Was the name of the movie "Thinking of Nothing", doc? smile
They do VIK: I've seen 'em!
vz-nostalgia: I didn't know you're a voyeur, Chris. smile
This is a wonderful photograph, because it reminds me of the pleasure of just allowing ones mind to float and drift. Mmmmmmm...simple pleasures. (:o)
vz-nostalgia: yes, Ms. Roz, the zen of simple pleasures... They don't cost much, oftentimes they cost nothing, like walking barefoot in the grass or sand, or kissing in the summer rain.
  • K.A.
  • S.A.
  • 21 Nov 2008, 05:05
ANOTHER DAY (adapted from its original Spanish version: "Otro dïa")
I want to wake up with the dawn
And extend my body along the sea,
To see the sun rising up here
Just before you could come in...
So that the waves caress my knees
And the wind whispers on my ear,
Telling me about the little shells
Of mermaids, of boats, and cloudy tales...
Deeping little by little without getting lost
Waiting for that expected visit to come
Handling this illusion with me still
That the one I would love to may come to me...
To count the clams one by one
listening to the song of the snails at once
While a group of seagulls passes by
while I observe with 'nostalgia' their leaving far...
Almost without noticing, the sunset arrives
And behind the sea the beautiful star hides
Everybody has left home without looking back
And Without leaving any small track...
I will also leave carrying a close tear
And a voice of consolation which is mine
Trying to keep the hope alive,
That you might come another day,
Tomorrow….perhaps…" (K.A.)

Mr. VZ something that I realized when 'copying and pasting' this poem of mine, was that the word 'nostalgia' is the same in both english and spanish...curious, huh???
vz-nostalgia: with tender waves
with whispering winds
with little shells
and tales of clouds...
It's worth the wait
through otro dia
even if he doesn't come.

Ms. K.A., I'll tell you even more, Nostalgia is the same in Russian.
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