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photoblog image Zyrynology: Eternal Happiness

Zyrynology: Eternal Happiness

 Is happiness having what you want, or wanting what you have? Or having a straw head is quite enough to make us happy?

Zyrynology: Eternal Happiness

 Is happiness having what you want, or wanting what you have? Or having a straw head is quite enough to make us happy?

comments (12)

  • ray
  • Thailand
  • 24 Jun 2008, 03:09
Observing babies, can be a worthwhile exercise.

I discovered that a baby is not always happy when it is smiling...sometimes the expression indicates excess air in the digestive tract, and can result in puke on your shirt if you don't learn the language and act accordingly.
vz-nostalgia: How many shirts did it take you to learn the baby language, Ray? smile
I'd say the worse baby smile comes, when the yellow fountains onto your shirt. I bet, you experienced this too. smile
  • Bill Phillips
  • Droitwich..warm and a bit muggy!
  • 24 Jun 2008, 13:53
True happiness is being able to recognise what you have and be thankful for it. Having what you want will never make you happy. Having what you need helps though.
vz-nostalgia: Got to carve your words in stone, Bill. smile
  • anniedog
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 24 Jun 2008, 23:16
I think Bill has got it just about right, but knowing that still doesn't stop you wanting things! This guy looks pretty happy though perhaps that's because he has no brains and his head is full of straw.
vz-nostalgia: Having no brains makes many people happy, as I observe, Ms. Ingrid. smile
It would be handy if I had some straw on my head, to hide the shinynesswink
vz-nostalgia: Sure having some straw ON the head beats having it IN the head, Nig. smile
looks coming right fom a horror movie, but isnt frightening. For sure, have a straw head is enough to make happy, but is it happiness, if you dont even know you are? wanting things makes you live, then recognise what you have makes you feel better...
vz-nostalgia: You're a wise man (or a woman, please forgive me), Sune, though, I have some reservations about "wanting things makes you live". smile
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 25 Jun 2008, 09:39
"Eternal Happiness"- o no, never on earth, and I didn't wish it, for I believe there is never happiness without sorrow...; you are right, sometimes quite little, worthless, useless things can make us happy like a found shell on the beach or a stone..., always unexpected good words and lovely experiences..., and I think that we self often can create happiness while being suspended only some steps above the earth... - a theme inexhaustible...but what about your pic? Never it would have created thoughts like that, sooner a smile or a rembrance of my childhood as I owned such a very loved crumbling puppet-or a remembrance of an old apotropaic "Vogelscheuche" standing on the fields...You see little things on earth can create some supranatural feelings and thoughts- c'est la vie, we are always changing between two (or more) worlds! -And now I remember a word Ionce heard by a friend: A jew who has emigrated from NS-Germany to the States was asked some years later "How are you? Are you happy?" "O no, my friend, sure I'm lucky, but not happy!" I can imagine why he isn't happy.
vz-nostalgia: Though, there is no happiness without sorrow, no one wishes an eternal sorrow, Ms. Philine.
"...Never it would have created thoughts like that..." Isn't an eternal smile a good representation of an eternal happiness?
The ability to see and experience joy and pleasure from little things around you is a blessing, I agree, and to me nothing reflects it better than photography. smile
  • Kathryn
  • in my beloved south
  • 25 Jun 2008, 13:36
Balance in all things, VZ. Philine is right. Without sorrow one would not be able to measure or comprehend happiness.

And certainly, things can give us transient pleasure, but happiness takes more than some retail therapy. At least for me.
vz-nostalgia: How can I argue with that, Ms. Kathryn? It's some bitterness that gives a good taste to good chocolate, isn't it? smile
"...happiness takes more than some retail therapy..." Hahaha. Try to convey this thought to millions of American families who fill the malls every weekend. smile Shopping makes people happy, it's a proven fact.
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 25 Jun 2008, 19:00
We like to fly with our thoughts and wishes and phantasies, but never let us lose our ground!
Christian Morgenstern, Vogelscheuche

Die Raben rufen: "Krah, krah, krah!
Wer steht denn da, wer steht denn da?
Wir fürchten uns nicht, wir fürchten uns nicht
vor dir mit deinem Brillengesicht.

Wir wissen es ja ganz genau,
du bist nicht Mann, du bist nicht Frau.
Du kannst ja nicht zwei Schritte gehn
und bleibst bei Wind und Wetter stehn.
Du bist ja nur ein bloßer Stock,
mit Stiefeln, Hosen, Hut und Rock.
Krah, krah, krah!"

The Scarecrow

"Caw-caw, caw-caw" the black crows blare.
"O look who's there, O look who's there!
You goggleface, you bugaboo,
you think we are afraid of you?

"You're not a woman, not a man!
We know you very well: You can
not even move a single pace;
in rain and storm you stay in place.

"You're just a wooden post and slat,
dressed up with pants and coat and hat.
Caw, caw, caw!"

(translated by Max Knight)
vz-nostalgia: I like losing ground once in a while, Ms. Philine. I bet, you do too. smile
I love this shot. and straw heads, and hats for that matter, sure make for happy days
vz-nostalgia: From more than a hundred of pictures in my archive you picked the one with the least comments. What does it tell us, Ms. Suzanna? That you have an unorthodox taste.
Welcome to Nostalgia.
  • Richard
  • United States (US)
  • 16 Sep 2008, 16:50
The sun on your face, a fence to lean on and no thoughts of worry or remorse, just pure joy. So relaxed and comfortable that in a few moments you will collpase into a pile of unthinking, happy just present to the wonderful world around you... straw.
vz-nostalgia: oh, man. An ode to a scarecrow! I love it, Richard, but why such a tragic end? Hollywood would not approve it. smile
  • cathy
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 19 Sep 2008, 15:20
richard, i can hear the insects and smell the hay
Happiness is maybe a choice we make. A way of life and who we want to be. wink
vz-nostalgia: Well, sometimes the choice we are offered is in between bad and very bad, Ms. Suzanne. smile
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