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photoblog image Tales from My Garden: It's All About Curves

Tales from My Garden: It's All About Curves

Tales from My Garden: It's All About Curves

comments (28)

  • fotografa
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 8 Apr 2008, 00:24
Amazing shot, lovely colours and curves to die for smile
vz-nostalgia: Haha. If I were a woman, I'd die for curves like these, fotografa. smile
By the way, Diana Kroll is not only Elvis Costello's wife and has a good voice, she's a damn good piano player as well.
And fabulous curves and colours they are.
vz-nostalgia: Won't argue with you on that, Ms. Mary.
  • Kathryn
  • Florida
  • 8 Apr 2008, 02:10
and what beautifully adorned curves they are...
vz-nostalgia: as a wise woman once said "beautiful adorned curves are generally beautifully adored". smile
  • ray
  • Thailand
  • 8 Apr 2008, 02:37
Pity the poor monarch feast here for such a specialised eater. No matter...perhaps there is a way back to the real food.

Is this an example of your "cheesy leaf" picture portfolio, VZ?

Works for me...there is more elegance in curvy leaves than in most architecture of the past several hundred years.
vz-nostalgia: The "cheesiest leaf" is ahead, Ray. Have patience, for god's sake. smile
I agree, curves of leaves are elegant, but so are the curves of a cello, or a jaw dropping curves on the beaches of Miami or Copacabana. smile
Great Macro. Beautiful curves and colour and a little piece of jewellery in the centre.
vz-nostalgia: A little piece of jewelry... smile I like that, but doo you know any woman who would agree to place it near her cleavage? I don't! smile
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 8 Apr 2008, 09:42
an amazing pic indeed -in view of so much breathtaking beauty, emphazised by the photographer! The monarch caterpillar (thanks to ray for his information!) can't be conscious of this wonderful beauty, I think in general real beauty is never conscious of its/her/his own beauty! Only the spectators are only astonished at that, as a biological interested personI could ask why so much beauty?
vz-nostalgia: Oh, Ms. Philine. I thought you learned the lesson any woman should learn, when she reaches a certain age: don't trust what men say. smile This is a Tiger Swallowtail butterfly caterpillar, not Monarch.
Why some have so much beauty while others have so little? A good question to ask the Old Man himself. I think his beauty measurement equipment needs some serious tune up. smile
  • Tracy
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 8 Apr 2008, 11:51
What a beautysmile
vz-nostalgia: Have to agree with you on that, Ms. Tracy.
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 8 Apr 2008, 12:12
I'm so glad that our caterpillar is still living (since 18th september 2007)- fine that photographers are able to cancel the hard nature-law 'to eat and to get eated'! ;-)
vz-nostalgia: Yep. The magic of photography. She probably travelled to Mexico shortly after the metamorphosis occured, or maybe she never made it to the tropics and died as a result of a tragic encounter with a windshield of a truck somewhere in Texas or Arizona. Now she lives a virtual life of the rich and famous, rescued from obscurity by the magic wand of photography. smile
  • Astrid
  • the netherlands
  • 8 Apr 2008, 13:02
Stunning, love the colors, the focus is spot on, this caterpillar is taking a rest before he goes on on his slow and well balanced travels through your garden to find some food....
vz-nostalgia: You bet, it heads to find some food. They eat each day a hundred times of their weight. If I eat that much, I'd be wider than taller. smile
  • Sune
  • Paris, France
  • 8 Apr 2008, 14:02
mother nature is doing things great!
I love the powerfull colours and point of view, it seems the caterpillard slide slowly to us following the curves of the leaf..
vz-nostalgia: It has to slide. It has no choice. God didn't give it long legs to run. I'm going to thank Him for that at dinner, otherwise I'd never be able to make it to pose like that. smile
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 8 Apr 2008, 20:33
I have read that the impressive colours of the caterpillars and butterflies are one (beside ohers) means in order to protect themselves from predators- a very interesting aspect: beauty as a kind of defense mechanism! I think this may sometimes pass for the human beings too!
vz-nostalgia: Oh my. That's why I see so many unhappy lonely beautiful women. Men are afraid to get close to them. smile
  • Aussie
  • Brisbane
  • 8 Apr 2008, 21:22
Gorgeous macro
vz-nostalgia: smile, Ms. Aussie.
  • Roz Sears
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 8 Apr 2008, 22:42
Stunning! The colour and beautiful detail is mighty fine, but it is those curves that are so beguiling. (:o)
vz-nostalgia: Aha. You're partial to curves too! I'm not alone. smile
  • makoto
  • Sapporo, Japan
  • 9 Apr 2008, 02:29
Fine shot with perfect focus & expose. Really beautiful curves and colors.
vz-nostalgia: Good to hear from you, Makoto.
  • Ginnie
  • Atlanta, GA, United States
  • 9 Apr 2008, 11:58
The richness of this piece of Nature is just astounding, Viktor. Whoever would have thought it'd look like this up close and personal!
vz-nostalgia: Who would ever thought it'd look like this? Me, of course! smile
ad curves, she brings along, but hey not only the curves are spectacular, love the colors and the DOF too, the latter also put her journey for us in a better perspective!!
vz-nostalgia: Ha, if anyone knows what real curves look like, it would be you, a fashion photographer Patrick Krolis. smile
Can't add any more, so nice curves and
vz-nostalgia: Oh, you got to try, Nig. There is always room to add some more (until it isn't smile). smile
  • mal
  • 9 Apr 2008, 23:39
very lovely image Z, the curves lead the eye through the image beautifully and the light is pretty special to. mal
vz-nostalgia: She was a good model, Mal. I wish all curvy creatures were so cooperative. smile
  • Eva
  • California
  • 10 Apr 2008, 04:09
Ahhhh... macro shots are your forte! Now, you should send me tips and how-to's! Awesome shot! And obtw, thanks for visiting my blog. I took your comment very seriously. LOL!
vz-nostalgia: oh Ms. Eva, there are so many books and free info on the net on macro photography from far more experienced people than myself.
Regarding forte... Well, some people would disagree. Art is so subjective. smile
Hummmm! Good macro! Nice tones!
vz-nostalgia: Hmmmmm... What about the curves, Jose-Angel? You forgot the curves! Real men never miss a good curve. smile
Absolutely gorgeous. If it were dipped in gold or silver I'd wear in near my cleavage smile
vz-nostalgia: In this case it will spend the rest of its life in heaven. smile
  • tim
  • united kindom
  • 10 Apr 2008, 18:24
wow VZ, thats extraordinary fella, simple stunning.
vz-nostalgia: I knew men would appreciate a good curve. smile
It's about the colour too Vik: saturated and sharp - you can really do it!
vz-nostalgia: Well, of course, Chris. What kind of curve is that without a colour!
LOL! Ohhh! Yessss ! Really good curves! woooowww wink
vz-nostalgia: Now you sound like a hot-blooded man, Jose-Angel!
what a great angle.
vz-nostalgia: I don't see a single angle here, Ms. Jen. Only gentle curves. smile
  • L.Reis
  • Portugal (lisbon)
  • 1 May 2008, 15:23
I have the curves but I lack the colours...I grin
And they have it all...I think I could die of envy here...grin
vz-nostalgia: Ms. Lina, next time I'm in Lisbon, I'll help you out with the colors. smile Deal?
  • Natures bosom
  • 11 Jul 2008, 15:30
I'm late to the party here, and can only echoe the comments made thus far.

An incredible photograph
nice photo!
vz-nostalgia: welcome to my world, Valerio smile
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