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photoblog image Tales from My Garden: Raindrop Committing Suicide

Tales from My Garden: Raindrop Committing Suicide

Tales from My Garden: Raindrop Committing Suicide

comments (32)

Nicely put together!
vz-nostalgia: The pine straw is provided by the tree. The raindrop is provided by heavens. All put together by the One who's up above. smile
  • johnnyg
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 26 Feb 2008, 00:36
Sublime and simply gorgeous.

vz-nostalgia: Cheers, Johnny. I'm trying. smile
  • Aussie
  • Brisbane
  • 26 Feb 2008, 00:43
wonderful capture
vz-nostalgia: Sure is, Ms. Aussie
  • Ellie
  • at home
  • 26 Feb 2008, 01:24
Gosh, wow, that's very very nice.

I like everything, mono, shallow focus and composition.
vz-nostalgia: That sounds like love at first sight, Ms. Ellie. smile
  • Astrid
  • The Netherlands
  • 26 Feb 2008, 05:17
Viktor, love this this macro, this is so well captured, I like the 'upside down world' in the droplet, this is an outstanding B&W picture again. (I had to smile about the tittle, aren't all raindrops suicidal, I never saw one with a parachute......)
vz-nostalgia: :
Astrid: "...aren't all raindrops suicidal..."
VZ: They are, Ms. Astrid. The difference is in the way they do it. Some are plain and go straight down, like kamikaze. Others do it in a more artistic way. This one belongs to latter. smile
Wonderful capture. Well done!
vz-nostalgia: Cheers, Richard.
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 26 Feb 2008, 09:37
Oh, what a crystal, no, what a diamond and what a metamorphosis, Viktor, you are the conjurer under the photographers! And who will catch this jewel, only your- and our eyes and they will preserve and keep alive this wonderful moment for a longer time...
vz-nostalgia: A magician I am, Ms. Philine, but not UNDER, but ABOVE the photograpers. smile I'm just kidding. The right way to say would be "AMONG the photographers".
"...and what a metamorphosis..." I bet you meant to say "and what a metaphor", though you might say a metamorphosis, as those droplets will metamorphose into a stream. smile
Thanks for your thoughts, Ms. Philine.
Glad you enjoyed it.
  • scarlet
  • Netherlands
  • 26 Feb 2008, 11:15
Amazing capture Viktor.
vz-nostalgia: My pleasure, Ms. Scarlet.
  • anniedog
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 26 Feb 2008, 11:38
It has had enough of this world. It looks just like a jewel glinting in the light. Beautiful.
vz-nostalgia: Too tried from the long journey from the cloud down. Time to rest. smile
  • Ginnie
  • United States
  • 26 Feb 2008, 12:01
Absolutely exquisite, Viktor. There are times when we all need to just "let go" and I guess we could call them "suicidal" moments. I hadn't thought of that because of the negative implications. But I like that idea.
vz-nostalgia: You are a genius, Ms. Ginnie. My second option for the title was "Time To Let It Go". You got it.
  • ray
  • Thailand
  • 26 Feb 2008, 13:12
"I think I can just swallow one more little droplet as it wanders down the slope, and then...kerplop!"
Just like the party balloon that invites one last lungload of air....
vz-nostalgia: I hope "kerplop!" wouldn't be the sound I make, when time comes for me to go, Ray. smile
  • Kathryn
  • Germany
  • 26 Feb 2008, 13:16
The world,
reflected in
a drop of rain,
destined to end
by slow suicide.
vz-nostalgia: :
unless we put
our palms together
under the drop
and save the world
  • pixelpixie
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 26 Feb 2008, 13:59
There but for the grace of God go I.

I can just about make you out albeit upside down!
vz-nostalgia: "There but for the grace of God go I". You gave me a good English lesson today, Ms. Pixie. I didn't know this idiom. Now I do.
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 26 Feb 2008, 16:13
Oh sorry, my bad English, yes, "among the photographers"! I meant indeed a 'real' transformation (no metaphor) from a raindroplet into a precious stone- by photo-art! If I were following Ovid (what for a hubris!)I had to invent a story of this metamorphosis, perhaps a lovestory about a young, very poor girl who was weeping her eyes out because of her lost love and she was ready to throw away her life ("commitiing suicide"), but a young god felt sorry for her and he changed her tears into precious stones or pearls (Do you know the painting of Felix Nussbaum where a woman is weeping pearls instead of bitter tears?) I don't know how the fairy tale was ending, but I think it must be a good end! (Never suicide, perhaps: 'let go'- a very good title, this could be a solution of love- and other problems, too!)
vz-nostalgia: I see what you mean about the metamorphosis now, Ms. Philine. Are you sure this story about a poor girl is inspired by Ovid and not by a Bollywood movie? ha-ha-ha. No, i don't know this particular painting of Nussbaum, but I will look it up. A happy end is a key to a financial success of any enterprise. Hollywood figured it out long ago. Same goes for Bollywood. Only European movies often end tragically. I wonder why.
  • Jewlya
  • United States
  • 26 Feb 2008, 17:04
Rather... dramatic title. I like the simplicity of the shot.
vz-nostalgia: Such a contrast between the complexity of the title and the simplicity of the shot? Is that what you tried to say, Ms. Jewlya? smile
  • tim
  • United Kindom
  • 26 Feb 2008, 17:35
superb capture VZ, stunning detail to the rain dropsmile
vz-nostalgia: There is almost nothing else on the photograph, but the raindrop. So I had no choice, but to detail it well, Tim. smile
  • PhotoSam
  • London, U.K.
  • 26 Feb 2008, 18:07
beautiful tones and just wonderful macro delicacy...
vz-nostalgia: Cheers, Sam.
  • Tracy
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 26 Feb 2008, 20:47
Teardrops from heaven
vz-nostalgia: Yep. The gods are crying looking at what we turn our beautiful planet into. smile
ordinary subject, extraordinary shot, excellent title. well done vz!
vz-nostalgia: smile You've just described my motto here, Gihin. smile
  • mal
  • 27 Feb 2008, 13:56
really good work Z, simple, minimal, beautiful and a classic VZ narrative. mal
vz-nostalgia: that's the way I like it, Mal: simple, minimal, beautiful and classic. smile
  • Ellie
  • in my chair
  • 27 Feb 2008, 21:31
Yes, it was love at first sight - I had to run the gauntlet of the anti-spam code to leave the earlier message!
vz-nostalgia: My bow to you for that, Ms. Ellie. smile
Love the simplicity
vz-nostalgia: In this case, we have something in common, Nig: you and I are simple men. Psychoanalysis is a too complicated thing for us. The simpler our life is the better. smile
this picture is very nicegrin
vz-nostalgia: The picture is nice, yes, but we witness a suicide here, Ms. Christina. I don't think it's funny. smile
  • France
  • Bordeaux, France
  • 28 Feb 2008, 18:47
I must have come here to look at this little raindrop a thousand times ... waiting for her to fall or trying to read the future in it ...
vz-nostalgia: Ha. Someone is not telling the truth here. I see the view counter shows only 130 views for this picture. I think you broke the shutterchance view counter, Ms. France. smile My guess is your 1001st look was accompanied by a shot of cognac, because you got brave enough to finally say something. smile
There's so much good stuff here and this is one of the best for me.

Very fine piece of work.
vz-nostalgia: Some may disagree with you, Colin, regarding the best, but why should we care. Art is such a subjective thing. Appreciate your kind words. smile
Simply stunning
vz-nostalgia: Nice to know you like it so much, Bill.
  • France
  • Bordeaux, France
  • 29 Feb 2008, 05:17
May be I confused ... In fact, I took a thousand shot of cognac and I came here 1 smilesmilesmilesmile
vz-nostalgia: If I take a thousand shots of cognac, I'll be confused too, Ms. France. So, don't feel bad about it. smile
  • L.Reis
  • Portugal
  • 3 Mar 2008, 00:09
Sometimes the fall is a better destiny than to slowly disappear dried by the sun.
Hanging on can be a very bad choice...
(Wish I had a creative adjective to talk about your photo...)
vz-nostalgia: To disappear by falling, or to disappear by drying... not much of a choice, hah? At least by hanging on, you might attract an attention of a curious photographer, who will make your face immortal. smile
ps. What is this "a creative adjective" that you lack, Ms. Line, and cannot talk without about my photography because of that? I'm puzzled.
  • Mike Reid
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 3 Mar 2008, 14:21
Ironic isn't it? - Water, the source of life.
vz-nostalgia: I don't see much irony in this, Mike. Not really. I think it's a pretty common thing in nature: all things die to create and nourish new births. A trivial circle of life, so to speak. smile
  • Bernard
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 17 Mar 2008, 07:32
superbe parfait
vz-nostalgia: ha-ha. I'm glad it does.
Nice defocusing!
  • iris
  • Germany
  • 30 May 2010, 18:37
Have been looking at this one for quite a while now and what I see is rather a raindrop waiting for it's release. On his way down to earth it was delayed by the pine straw. And it is looking forward to the end of it's long jouney now.
vz-nostalgia: Apparently, you have a glass-half-full personality, Ms. Iris. smile
I like it, when a viewer has his/her own take on what I do here on Nostalgia. Just stay away from praises and you'll be fine, Ms. Iris. smile
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